A.S.A. Durphy
Born in 1977, A.S.A. Durphy wrote Poems and Stories from a young age. "Prove it," you say. Well, okay then. Here is The Wizard from first grade, circa 1983:
I am a wizard.
I do not walk on the land, I walk in the air.
I do not jump over streams, I fly over waterfalls.
I can tame raccoons.
I can ask the hawk to fly.
I can ask the fish to swim.
I can turn the sky green and the ground blue.
I can turn stone to gold and gold into a stone.
Did he just share one of his earliest poems with you? He did. A little bit of humanizing never hurt a bio.
A.S.A. Durphy published his first novel, The Thing Speaks for Itself, in 2016. When he's not jogging around the Oakland Hills, you'll find him puzzling through home projects, building furniture, or hard at work in the garden with his lovely wife and daughters.

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